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About Bloom Interior Designs


I am Jenny Brooks, founder of Bloom Interior Designs. Why Bloom? In my life everything has meaning. Bloom is five letters for my family of five. To bloom is to grow, flourish, and succeed. Whether transforming your existing space or creating a new one, our passion and unparalleled attention to detail will allow the vision you have for your home to bloom and become a beautiful space perfectly suited for your lifestyle. 


For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for design. As a little girl I didn’t want Barbies for Christmas. I wanted a new bedspread with coordinating curtains and pillow shams. I have always had an eye for “what could be.” I have the unique ability to look past the undesirable, outdated, or in need of repair and see nothing but potential! Throughout my experience of over a decade in interior design and home styling, I have designed, renovated, and/or remodeled four of our family homes.

I have assisted clients and friends with a variety of design needs from simple one room styling to entire home renovations.


At Bloom our mission is to create fresh, functional spaces that are beautiful yet comfortable. Let us help you bloom. Please contact us for more information. 

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